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The Worcester County Health Department



What does the WCHD do?

We are Committed To A Healthy County.  The Health Department is committed to the health and well being of Worcester County.  A staff of health care professionals provides quality services including mental health, alcohol and other drugs, maternal child health, family planning, personal health, adult health, environmental health, communicable disease, developmental disabilities, and prevention programs.  These services are designed to promote health, prevent illness, and to improve a citizen's ability to lead a productive life.  Some services are available every day of the week, while others are offered less frequently.  To obtain health department services, it is suggested you call for an appointment. Services are available without regard to the consumer's race, color, creed, sex, or national origin.  A sliding fee scale is used to determine cost of services. No one is denied services due to inability to pay.  It's your Health Department, so take advantage of the friendly and concerned staff by visiting or calling the closest clinic to your home.


What is the mission of the WCHD?

The mission of the Worcester County Health Department is to promote health, well being, and a safe environment.  Worcester Health does this by:

  • Assessing community needs
  • Developing appropriate policy to promote health and well being
  • Providing, or assuring the provision of, needed quality health services


I have some payment and health insurance concerns, where do I...?

For information related to payment for services and health insurance, please go to our Financial Aid and Insurance Information section by clicking on the link.

Do you issue well, septic and building permits?

For most permits you must contact the Worcester County Government Offices at 410-632-1200, more information can be found on the Worcester County Permit Webpage.  For restaurant inspections and food establishment licenses, please contact our Office of Environmental Health at 410-352-3234.


Flu Related Questions 

How do I find out about WCHD Seasonal Flu Clinics?

Follow @WorcesterHealth on Facebook for upcoming Flu clinics. If you have questions, please call 410-632-1100.

Communicable Disease Services


If I think I have been exposed to an STD, how do I get tested?  And how much does it cost?

Call the nursing department at 410-632-1100 at the Snow Hill Health Department.  The nurse will take your history, schedule an appointment for testing at the health department and arrange for a physical exam and treatment. Cost for services vary and will be explained by the nurse. You may be eligible to receive services at a reduced or no cost.  


I think I got sick from food that I ate at a restaurant, who do I call?

Our communicable disease program works closely with our environmental health program which is responsible for restaurant inspections and food safety.  You would call communicable disease at 410-632-1100 and a nurse will take the information about your illness and your food history.  This information, along with the name and location of the restaurant, will be forwarded to environmental health so that they can perform an inspection of the restaurant and assure that proper food handling procedures are being followed. 


I had a tick bite, can I get the tick tested?

Ticks can be submitted for identification of species but are NOT tested for diseases (such as Lyme’s). If you would like to have a tick identified, use one of the following links:
Tick Bite Notification Form
University of Maryland Tick Identification Service

Additional tickborne disease resources are available online at:

CDC Tickborne Diseases Website

CDC Lyme Disease Website



Addictions Program



I have my own insurance so can I use that to pay for treatment?

The Worcester County Health Department accepts most insurance plans and will be happy to contact your insurance provider to determine the extent of your eligibility for substance abuse treatment.  Many plans require a co-pay which you will be responsible for. We will let you know all of the details when you complete your assessment.


I am unemployed right now and really don’t know how much I can afford to spend on treatment?

The Worcester County Health Department offers a sliding fee scale to all clients based on their income.  We ask you to prove your income level upon admission but will work with you so that you can participate.  We also have information on publicly-funded insurance programs that you might qualify for to take care of your fees and will give you this information during your assessment.

If I come into your program how much time will I spend going to groups or other requirements?

When you first come in you will participate in a complete assessment of your background with a certified counselor.  Based on the information you give we will help you decide on a course of treatment that best suits your needs.  Generally, the more intense your alcohol or drug use the more intense will be the number of groups and individual sessions you will participate in.


If I feel I have an substance abuse or gambling problem, or someone in my family does, who should I call to seek help?

You may call any office of the Worcester County Health Department at 410-632-1100 for behavioral health intake and assessment.   We will be happy to connect you with a counselor. 






Can I do community service with you?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis or as a volunteer if you are over 16 years old, unless you are remanded by court in which case you cannot.


Can I get college field placement - will you pay me?

Often staff will take on students in Addictions, Social Work, Nursing, Public Health and Graphic Design as volunteers for internship or summer work experience.  There is no pay at this time.





Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS)



Who can make a referral?

Referrals are accepted from any concerned individual by phone, fax, mail, e-mail, or in person.


What does the comprehensive evaluation consist of?

It consists of a medical/nursing, environmental, financial and psychosocial assessment.


How does AERS assist?

AERS (nurse and/or social worker) provides a comprehensive evaluation in the home or another.  Upon completion of the evaluation, a plan of care is developed which recommends services needed to help the individual remain at home or the least restrictive environment.  Every effort is made to obtain appropriate services to address the needs of each individual evaluated.


What does AERS stand for?

Adult Evaluation and Review Services.



Emergency Preparedness Program



How does a private or public business or service become prepared?

Assess and acknowledge possible hazards and threats.   Activate a coordinated strategy for sustainability, recovery, and return to normalcy.   Determine resource priority needs. Make a plan.  Plan(s) should include; workforce sustainability strategies, cross-training of staff, protective measures, medical screening, utilization of volunteers.   Examine pre-arranged methods of emergency communication, support for employees, their families and the community.


What is Continuity of Operations?

Continuity Of Operations Planning [COOP] is intended to ensure the performance of essential functions across a wide range of all-hazard possibilities that may confront an organization, agency or business through the course of normal operations.  The objective of COOP is to provide a basis by which the necessary viable capabilities exist to continue essential functions in the wake of potential emergency situations.  Of particular importance is the real or perceived threat to the primary facility of operations.

Key elements include: Continuous performance of essential functions, Protection of life, Protection of facilities / equipment / records, Reduction and Mitigation of disruption to normal operations, Succession of Office, Reduction of damage and losses, Relocation designation, Recovery strategizing, Resumption of full service.


How can we support our staff and their families so that we can continue business during a public health emergency?

Identify a Plan Coordinator.  Examine policies for leave, telework, and employee compensation.  Identify critical; resources, functions, inputs & outputs.  Share your Plan.  Clearly communicate expectations.  Establish an emergency communications plan.  Exercise your plan.  Look for glitches.  Strategize to overcome obstacles.



Environmental Health Program


How do I report an animal bite?

To report an animal bite, please call our office at 410-641-9559 during regular office hours.  After hours, weekends, and holidays, please call your local law enforcement agency or dial 410-632-1311 for further assistance.  If your animal has been attacked by a wild animal, please do not touch your pet with bare hands; wear a barrier, such as gloves or plastic bags, to protect yourself from indirect exposure.  Go to our Environmental Health page for more Rabies Exposure and Animal Bite Information.


Where can I get your application forms and how do I know which ones to get?

Please click on the PDFs of our applications forms here: Applications and Forms. Or call our office at 410-641-9559 for questions.

How do I file a complaint?

Please call our office at 410-641-9559 if you have any complaints or concerns, as we are unable to follow up on email complaints.




Hospital and Nursing Facility Outreach Program


How can I be referred for this program?

You must be admitted to the local hospital or nursing facility and ask to speak with the Hospital and Nursing Facility Outreach Program nurse.


Are there certain criteria for this program?

There are criteria that an individual must meet for this program.  They must be at risk for nursing home placement, meet financial criteria and functional criteria.

How does the Hospital and Nursing Facility Outreach Program help?

The Hospital and Nursing Facility Outreach Program can assist by having a nurse provide comprehensive evaluation on the individual that is admitted to the local hospital or local nursing facility. Upon completion of the evaluation, a plan of care is developed which recommends services needed to help the individual safely return home or in the least restrictive environment. Every effort is made to obtain appropriate services to address the needs of the individual evaluated.




Maryland Access Point Program (MAP)


Where is your office located?

Our office is located in the Charles and Martha Fulton Senior Center, 4767 Snow Hill Road, Snow Hill.


What population does Maryland Access Point serve?

Adults and individuals with disabilities.


What agencies are involved with Maryland Access Point?

Worcester County Department of Social Services (DSS), Worcester County Health Department and Worcester
County Commission on Aging.



Medical Assistance Personal Care Program

What criteria need to be met to apply for services?

The individual must be a Medicaid recipient who has a chronic illness, medical condition or disability and have the need for
personal care services.


How are individuals assessed for the program?

The Health Department nurse case monitor performs an assessment of the personal care needs.

What types of services are provided by this program?

Services include assistance with the following activities of daily living:  Bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, mobility and meal preparation.  Services for individuals who need help with activities of daily living may also receive help with:  Household services related to medical needs, food shopping, escort services to a medical appointment and personal hygiene.


Mental Health Program


How do I make an appointment?

Current clients need only to call the Health Department office in Snow Hill or Berlin and to make an appointment.  For new clients,  call the Snow Hill at 410-632-1100 and ask to schedule a Mental Health Intake.


What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

The following items could be helpful, but don’t worry if you don’t have them.

  • Identification
  • Insurance Cards
  • Proof of income
  • List of medications     

Do you accept insurance?

The Health Department accepts Medical Assistance, Medicare, and many private insurances.  Please check with your insurance provider to determine if we are “in network”.  If your insurance deems the Health Department as “out-of-network”, we will provide you a list of other options.


I don’t have insurance, can I get services?

Absolutely, the Health Department will work with you to determine if you are eligible for entitlement programs.







I need some data on county health...

Contact the Planning unit at 410-632-1100 x 1230 or see if the data is available on our website.


Reproductive Health Services



How much does it cost?

We accept insurance, but if you are uninsured, cost is based on a sliding scale.  Be sure to bring with you proof of income (last two paycheck stubs).  There is no charge for services for teens.  Services are not denied based on inability to pay.

If I am a teen, do I need my parent’s permission for services?

Due to Federal law, teens can receive confidential reproductive health services without parental permission.  We do encourage teens to involve their parent/guardian in their health care choices.