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Getting the Help I Need (Evaluation & Referral)


  Mental Health Program

 Phone: 410-632-1100
 Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

altThe Worcester County Health Department is committed to recovery and improving the mental health of the community.  The Mental Health Program provides a wide variety of services, specializing in mental health and addiction issues.

 Adult Services

Outpatient Counseling:

Behavioral health services are based on the recovery model, which is client centered. Individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, medication evaluation and management are provided to those 18 years and older.  Services are provided by licensed mental health professionals to adults to alleviate symptoms of mental illness or dual diagnosis and to provide education regarding psychiatric diagnoses.  Clients are encouraged to participate in treatment planning and goal setting.

We specialize in the treatment of major disorders including:
-    Mood Disorders (Major Depression, Bipolar Disorders)
-    Anxiety Disorders
-    Schizophrenia
-    Psychosis
-    Personality Disorders
-    Dual Diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse

Group services are provided for Sex Offenders, Anger Management, Dual Diagnosis and Relaxation.   We also provide gender specific groups.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

PRP provides an array of services to adults, youth, and families of Worcester County.  PRP services are available to county residents who have an serious mental health diagnosis and who are receiving behavioral health services.   PRP services are intended to empower and assist individuals in developing appropriate social skills, enabling individuals to make positive life choices and become engaged in positive ways in domains of life including home, school, work, and community.  Through PRP services, individuals receive assistance in developing skills and knowledge to utilize community resources and become active participants in their community.  PRP staff help arrange care with other behavioral health providers as necessary to your needs and established goals, and often attempt to get families involved as a means of making life easier for you.

Crisis Response Team (CRT)

The Worcester County Health Department’s Crisis Response Team provides 24 hour coverage 365 days a year to residents and visitors of Worcester County.  CRT is activated by Law Enforcement, Atlantic General Hospital and various other agencies throughout the county.  CRT provides an emergency mental health and addiction assessment on the scene and attempts to connect individuals to community resources as appropriate.  Assessments are provided by master's level mental health professionals.

Are you or someone you know having suicidal thoughts? 

Child and Adolescent Services

Early Intervention

Do you care for a child that has negative behaviors you don’t know how to handle? Is your child’s daycare complaining that your child is aggressive, won’t sleep at nap time, and/or won’t follow directions? Or is your child crying everyday because he doesn’t want you to leave him or is he not playing with his peers? These are common problems in young children and we are prepared to help you.
The Worcester County Early Intervention Program serves children ages 0-5, their parents, and childcare providers in Worcester County.  The aim is to eliminate challenging behaviors while maintaining childcare placements. The program promotes social and emotional development and builds strengths in attachment, self-control, and initiative. Once areas of need are identified, corresponding strategies are provided to the parent and/or childcare provider. In addition, a Mental Health consultant will work right in the classroom with the child to address behaviors as they occur. Services can vary from a one time parent/provider meeting to more intensive weekly meetings.

Our certfied CAMHS specializes in providing:

  • Concrete behavior strategies.
  • Developmental screening and assessment.
  • Emotional support.
  • Developmental guidance and parent education.
  • Advocacy.
  • Parent-child psychotherapy.
  • Play therapy.
  • Family therapy.
If you current care for a child between the ages of 0 and 5 and you need help managing his or her behaviors, call 410-632-1100.

School-based Wellness Program

The School-based Wellness Program consists of licensed mental health professionals who provide counseling to children in the school setting.  The services are provided through the Worcester County Health Department in cooperation with the Board of Education.  Behavioral Health staff are located in Worcester County Public Schools.  Referrals to the program are accepted from school staff, parents, and caretakers.  Caretakers/children are involved in treatment planning and goal setting.

Services include individual, group and family therapy.  Diagnostic evaluations as well as medication evaluation and management are available.  Services are provided to children from kindergarten to 12th grade.  We specialize in the treatment of major childhood disorders and behaviors such as:

  • Difficulty following directions
  • Depression and sadness
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Poor behavior, difficulty listening
  • Psychotic Disorders

In addition to school setting, services may be continued as recommended throughout the summer for individual, group, and/or family as appropriate. A summer camp program may also be available for children in grades kindergarten through 8th grade.

Alternative Directions

Alternative Directions is a program specifically designed to meet the needs of young people and their families involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice.  Services include a comprehensive bio-psychosocial evaluation, conducted with the youth and family, resulting in a clinical diagnosis and appropriate recommendations and referrals.  Upon completing the evaluation, the recommendations are explained to the youth and family, formalized, and referrals are completed within 72 hours of the evaluation date in order for necessary treatment to begin.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

 PRP provides an array of services to youth and their families in Worcester County.  PRP services are available to youth who are receiving behavioral health services.   PRP services are intended to your child in developing good social skills, and to make positive life choices and become involved in school.  Through PRP services, your child will be helped to see the assets they have and how to reach their goals.

Child Centered Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The Worcester County Health Department is currently offering Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. TF-CBT is the first treatment of its kind available in this area. TF-CBT is an evidenced-based initiative designed to improve the quality, effectiveness, provision, and availability of therapeutic services delivered to all children and adolescents experiencing traumatic events.  

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy includes several core treatment components designed to be provided in a flexible manner to address the unique needs of each child and family. These components address the specialized needs of children suffering with PTSD symptoms, depression, behavioral problems, and other difficulties related to traumatic life experiences. 

TF-CBT has shown to be effective forchildren who have experienced any trauma, including multiple traumas, and is effective with children from diverse backgrounds. Symptom reduction can occur in as few as 12 treatment sessions and has been used successfully in clinics, schools, homes, residential treatment facilities, and inpatient settings. It has been shown to be effective with or without parent or caregiver participation in treatment, with children in foster care situations, and in a variety of languages and countries.

If you or someone you have guardianship of is struggling with the affects of a trauma and you would like help, contact Mike Trader at (410)629-0164 ext. 147.

Survivors of Suicide Support Group 


 Recovery following the loss of a loved one to suicide is a painful and complicated journey through grief. Coming to terms with loss can be very difficult when faced alone. Regardless of the age, relationship or tragic circumstances surrounding their loss, there are others who understand.


Now survivors in Worcester County are not alone. The Jesse Klump Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Worcester County Health Department have partnered to host monthly support group meetings for those left behind by suicide. Meetings are being held at 6 p.m. on the third Wednesday each month at the Berlin Office of the Health Department, 9730 Healthway Drive adjacent to Atlantic General Hospital. Meetings are conducted by a trained facilitator and a licensed social worker.


“We wanted to create a welcoming place of compassion and understanding,” said scholarship fund President Kim Klump, who lost her son to suicide in 2009. “It can be a huge relief to talk openly about suicide with people who really understand.” Kim trained in support group management through a program sponsored by the America Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Anyone who has lost a friend or family member is invited to attend at no cost. Support group meetings are casual, attended only by survivors and facilitators.


“Family members and friends often feel stigmatized because suicide is not a topic most people are comfortable discussing,” said Alisa Crockett, a licensed clinical social worker who supervises the Worcester County Health Department’s Suicide Prevention Program. “This can lead to feelings of isolation as individuals attempt to manage their grief and pain alone. We are very pleased to be partnering with the JKMSF to provide this service to the families in our community who have suffered a loss due to suicide.”

For more information about the Survivors of Suicide support groups call the Worcester County Health Department at 410-629-0164

These services are provided by the Addictions Program, the Case Management Program and the Mental Health Program.