Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

The Worcester County Health Department provides Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to all eligible Worcester County residents.  

Eligibility includes the following:  Must be a resident of Worcester County; have a diagnosis of Type I or Type 2 Diabetes; have a diagnosis of Kidney Disease and/or Post Kidney Transplants with the last 36 months. A referral from the primary care provider will be required.

This services provides nutrition therapy and counseling by a Registered/Maryland licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist for the purpose of disease management. MNT includes an in-depth individualized nutrition assessment utilizing evidence based nutrition protocol, the American Dietetic Association MNT Evidence-Based Guidelines for practice, and best available data to assure a comprehensive intervention.

The RD and client discuss and determine optimal goals, a workable care plan and appropriate interventions to develop and implement behavior and lifestyle changes as related to the nutrition problem and medical condition/disease.

The WCHD referral form should be completed and sent to the Registered/Licenses Dietitian. Contact with the client will be made by the RD to set up and appointment at a WCHD site .  The client will be informed to bring their ID, insurance card, and referral form if the Primary Care Provided has provided one for them.

The initial MNT Session is 3 hours per calendar year in the first year.  Follow up MNT is 2 hours per calendar year.


Lifestyle Balance Program

 What is the Lifestyle Balance Program? It is a year-long nutrition and physical activity program, meets weekly for 16 weeks and then continues with 6-7  monthly follow-up sessions. The program is designed for those with pre-diabetes. Provides incentives, educational materials, and personalized coaching. Team taught by CDC Certified Lifestyle Coaches including healthy educators and registered dietitian. Delivered throughout Worcester County.

Call Today to Register!  410-632-1100 option 4

Diabetes Support Group

Third Wednesday of every month in Snow Hill.


 Snow Hill Health Center 
 Prevention Program
 Phone: 410-632-1100 option 4
 Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Take Diabetes to Heart

Click to image below to learn the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease and the steps you can take to reduce your risks.